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Spiritual Touch
The Ganpati series was made after moving to Mumbai city in 2003. This was the first time I came in touch with the grand processions of Ganpatis. Every five minutes some procession would pass by below my home for eight days. This evoked a sense awareness, I realized the power of belief, prayers, and devotion. There forth, I created a series of contrast coloured ganpatis intertwining with the universal symbol “OM”. These Ganpatis with their famous stances, bring about a playful note in dedication.

The satsang: This was a painting about a great saint, revered guru, Shrimad Rajchandra, who was giving his lecture to his disciples. This particular moment has been captured as auspicious, as this was the only time all these disciples, who are also revered now, were brought together by this great guru.

The kalpasutra: This painting is a depiction of an ancient miniature painting created in the sacred book of kalpastura. A holy book, kept mainly in the hands of gurus, saints. This book tells the stories of the jain gods, their previous births, stories and auspicious moment s in their lives. I have painted the moment when the twenty fourth tirthankar as a baby, was giving a bath by gods.

The bhuddha: This is a golden glimpse from the first awakened being or enlightened one in this era.
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Kalpasutra 1
Ganesh Series 1
Ganesh Series 2
Ganesh Series 3
Ganesh Series 4
Bhuddha Series 2
Bhuddha Series 1
Growth of Spirituality
In search of Tranquility Series 1
Emergence 1
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