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" Sitting in a playground, where the palette is my imagination and the paints are my toys, I express my world to you….

My passion for art has been an element of me since I was twelve. Fifteen years of education in the finest British and Flemish institutions, significantly The British School of Brussels and The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium, led to a self-exploration through the experimentation of various mediums, techniques and theories. The experience of having studied diverse courses of art helped hone my imagination, making me realize that self-expression comes through visual arts, be it through the creation of paintings, products, jewellery or mixed media.

It is the combination of my Indian roots, my birth and life in Belgium that gives me an insight into diverse cultures. It is my family that gives me strength and a strong sense of ethics. My husband is my anchor and my spiritual mother encourages me to find my true identity.

My debut was a solo show, at the ABN AMRO Bank in Antwerp, Belgium, of all the works that I had created throughout my school and college years.  Destiny drew me to Mumbai in 2004, where I immersed myself in art and started my collection, ‘Metaphors of Change’. In 2006, I participated in the Harmony Show and had my first solo show at the Museum Gallery, Kala Ghoda on July 10th, of the same year.

According to Jung, “Man’s most vital need is to discover his own reality through the cultivation of a symbolic life.” I capture this symbolism on two dimensional collages. They are resplendent with vibrant colours, intermingling forms and metaphoric meanings. I believe that the merging of aesthetics and inner meaning is crucial in creating a painting which exudes positive energy that flows to the viewer.
The Abstract
These paintings represent moments in my life...
The Floral
The floral movements have been created from a spiritual note.
Religious Touch
The Ganpati series was made after moving to Mumbai city in 2003.
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